Case Study: Katie Hanson – Relocation Real Estate From San Diego to Charleston

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The Auker Group can not only help you with buying or selling your home in San Diego, but we can help refer you to real estate agents in other cities and states! This is thanks to Ascent Real Estate’s relationship with LeadingRE. LeadingRE makes it easy for us to connect you with the perfect real estate agent in another city, state or even country. We’re happy to do anything possible to make the moving process easier. In addition, we can work together with your agent in your new city to ensure your relocation process is going smoothly. Thinking of relocating from San Diego to another city? Keep reading to see how working with The Auker Group worked out for Katie Hanson during her cross-country move.

Katie Hanson Relocation to Charleston

Relocating can be an abrupt and time sensitive life event. Katie came to the Auker Group in July 2017 after finding out she would be moving from San Diego to Charleston, SC. Her first plan of action was putting her current home on the market. The Auker Group was happy to help Katie sell her home in San Diego in a timely manner. To prepare for Charleston, Katie did some house hunting on her own side, browsing listings online when she realized she needed more help. Katie reached out to Drew to help her find a real estate agent in Charleston, SC.

“When I moved from San Diego to Charleston, South Carolina, I knew Drew would be the one to help me sell my home in San Diego, but I had no idea where to start looking for an agent in my new city.” – Katie Hanson

Finding a Relocation Real Estate Agent Across the Country

relocation real estate in San DIego

Katie didn’t know where to begin looking for a new real estate agent. She had never lived on the East Coast and didn’t know where to start. How could she find someone she could trust? She enjoyed working with Drew and appreciated his style of relationship based quality of service. Drew connected with LeadingRE to help Katie find the perfect real estate agent in Charleston. Taking the time to give professional interviews to other real estate agents, Drew connected with Alicia Mendocino, a partner of his residing in Charleston. Drew took the time to interview Alicia before connecting her with Katie in order to ensure their personalities would be a good match. This was a match made in heaven for Katie—she loved working with Alicia.

When searching for her relocation REALTOR®, Katie wanted an agent who was native to Charleston to help her since she was new to the area and didn’t know much about it. Even before Katie moved, Alicia was helping her. Alicia helped Katie find a short-term apartment in the area to live in until she found the perfect home to buy. In addition, Katie enjoyed working with Alicia because she reminded her so much of working with Drew.

“Once we started working together she reminded me so much of Drew. She threw an Oktoberfest party. She’s that kind of person, like Drew, who is building a community.” – Katie Hanson

Katie was happy with the results of working with Drew and finding a relocation agent in Charleston. It’s hard to move to a brand new city without having any local friends or colleagues to depend on to help you through the moving process. Working with a relocation agent referred by Drew can help any client feel secure in their move.

Working with Two Agents at Once

Although Katie was moving to Charleston, The Auker Group still regularly checked in with Alicia and Katie to ensure her relocation was moving along smoothly. Drew and Alicia worked together to make sure they were on the same page of Katie’s transition which Katie found very comforting and helpful. Katie just had to sit back and relax while Drew and Alicia worked together without needing to be the middleman between the two.

“I would definitely recommend this process if you’re moving to a new city. Without any local contacts in my new city, I was flying blind. Drew’s guidance made everything easier.” – Katie Hanson

How The Auker Group Can Help with Relocation from San Diego

If you recently received a job offer in a new city or you need to move to be closer to your family, The Auker Group can help you through your entire relocation process. From helping you sell your current home to referring you to an amazing agent in your new area, we are here to make your entire real estate process as easy and stress-free as possible.

“Moving out of state can be exciting, and at the same time really takes something. When Katie was selling her house here in San Diego and buying a new house across the country, I knew my community of LeadingRE’s top professionals would make the process easier for her. One of the reasons I love our partnership with LeadingRE is because I know that only the highest quality agents are members. I can find superb professionals anywhere in the world, interview them to make sure it would be a good fit for our client, and then make a strong recommendation that gives her piece of mind. It is important to me to be a part of a network that allows me to make meaningful connections for clients.” – Drew Auker, The Auker Group

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If you are in need of a real estate agent in another city, state or even country, be sure to contact The Auker Group in San Diego to help you with your relocation from San Diego to a new place. Our partnership with LeadingRE will help make your transition smooth and give you a peace of mind during your move. We will help you find the perfect real estate agent who will meet your needs and match your personality as well as give you the same above and beyond service we provide. Give us a call at 619-814-3449 or fill out our online contact form today. We look forward to working with you!

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