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Matt Harder

Matt Harder

Sales Associate

In 2004, Matt Harder experienced a career-defining collision of his worlds—education, coaching, and real estate. This convergence ignited a new passion: empowering families to build a solid future through real estate. Matt's unique background as a physics, P.E., and ESL teacher, as well as a varsity football and track coach, serves as the cornerstone of his approach.

Why He's Here: Matt champions the Auker Group's mission of providing clients with calm, clarity, and confidence. He's not just your consultant; he's your coach in the game of real estate.

How He Thrives: With a grounded approach and steadfast commitment, Matt ensures everyone around him wins. He delivers superior market intelligence backed by his multi-faceted expertise.

What He Believes: Aligning seamlessly with Auker Group’s core values, Matt prioritizes relationships above all else. His coaching background adds a unique dimension to how he connects and serves clients.

The Impact: Matt Harder is more than a real estate consultant; he's a lifelong advocate for your success. Around Matt, everyone wins, and the scoreboard always reads: Extraordinary Experience.

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