Project 1: Chula Vista

Auker Lift Investment: $25,000
Client's Return on Investment: $75,000​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​What we did: new landscaping, painted interior/exterior, refinished flooring, new carpet.

Project 2: Lemon Grove

Auker Lift Investment: $15,000
​​​​​​​Client's Return on Investment: $60,000
​​​​​​​What we did: landscaping, painting, new fixtures, staging

Project 3: San Diego

Auker Lift Investment: $12,000
​​​​​​​Client's Return on Investment: $150,000
​​​​​​​What we did: Paint, landscaping, staging, new lighting fixtures

Work With Us

Let us build a life you love... that's our passion.

Auker Lift is a complete game changer for anyone considering selling their home. It’s designed to help you sell your home quickly, and at a higher price point, all without  any extra effort or hassle on your part! 

It works like this: We cover the costs of services that increase the value of  your home before it goes to market; Once your home sells, we collect the cost of those  services, and that’s it. 

So, for this listing, we did quite a bit to give this home a complete makeover. We met  with the seller and our designer, and walked the whole property together, room by  room, to make a game plan for this renovation. Kelly here, our listing manager, oversaw  the entire transformation. 

Curb appeal is super important, so in the front yard we decided to give the home a  fresh coat of paint, in more modern colors. 
(Sound bite from design consultation footage) 
We took down a palm tree that had simply gotten too tall and too hard to take care of.  We added fresh new sod, new mulch… 
We put up a brand-new fence in the back yard. 
Painted the interior as well, and the kitchen cabinets. 
Put in new marble countertops in the kitchen 
New light fixtures throughout. 
We replaced the carpet in the master bedroom. 
Then we had stagers come in, and furnish the house with temporary, modern furniture 

When a buyer walks in for the first time, we want them to immediately experience being  at home. That’s ultimately how we’re able to get multiple offers, and sell your home for  top dollar. 

With Auker Lift we were able to breathe new life into this home. The transformation was  phenomenal. Night and day! 

And with an investment of about $30,000 dollars, we were able to raise the listing price  from $850,000to $955,000.

It couldn’t be any easier to use, your vendors get paid quickly, and sellers can choose  to work with any service providers they like. 

And we’re here to guide you every step of the way. If you’re selling your home, this is a  no brainer.