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David Semko

If all professionals knew and loved their business the way Drew knows and loves real estate we'd all be better off.

Gayle Magee

Drew helped us navigate a completely unfamiliar market long-distance, resulting in our getting into our home on time, in a place we are finding ideal. I recommend him as a great partner for your real estate needs.

Clint White

With the help of Drew Auker, I was able to buy my first house. I got what I wanted, at the price that I wanted and faster than I wanted. Drew is a master at his work and a professional that goes above and beyond at all times.

Dave and Laura Perek

We met Drew at an open house and instantly liked him. We both walked out and said, ‘yep, that’s our real estate agent.’ We knew immediately. He’s sharp and so knowledgeable about San Diego as a whole and downtown in particular.

Melissa and Naveid Mahdavi

It can be really difficult to understand what’s involved when you’re buying and selling a house. But with Drew, that was never a challenge. He put everything in layman’s terms and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. That made such a difference.

Will and Anna Mellman

We were buying and selling at the same time. Drew talked us through the process, and then it pretty much went exactly as he said! We found a place we liked and he negotiated well and set up a contingency for our place selling. He said it would—and it did, it actually sold faster than he even thought.

Mona and Bob Freels

I have purchased homes in the past and there is always something that seems to go wrong, not this time. Drew was proactive in anticipating our needs and any potential problems that might arise. He negotiated when appropriate and has wonderful professionals he teams up with to make the entire process a pleasure.

Eszter Varszegi

After working with several other realtors, it was such a delight to work with someone who is a true professional and a complete expert at his job. Drew made our home buying experience easy, he went the extra mile––we bought the home at a fraction of the asking price––and made the closing process as easy as it could possibly be.

Lawrence Howard

Though both selling/buying processes can be arduous in their own unique ways, Drew is both trustworthy and holds the experience to guide you through the process with ease. Through what could be considered a difficult process, Drew has become a personal friend and a professional consult. I would never consider using anyone else in San Diego.

Katrina and Erik Stone

Drew understood what we wanted to do before we even knew it ourselves. He listens and seeks to understand people so he can provide the best practical and logical advice. I always tell people that if they want a house bad then they better go to Drew. I don't know any realtor who can circumvent challenges the way Drew does. He and his team definitely deliver!

Dr. Robert Schott

Drew helped us find a fantastic property. He was patient (it took several months) and really helped facilitate the deal. He knew the market, kept us informed as properties became available, and came to quickly understand what appealed to us. He then worked efficiently to close the deal and handle the paperwork- we even went with his recommendations for a lender and have been happy with everything since.

Trish Davis

Drew has helped me with two recent real estate transactions and I could not have asked for a better experience. Drew listened to what was needed and put me in touch with just the right people to get the job done. Although he wasn't my primary contact after I began interfacing with those that he referred me to, he was always checking in to see how things were going and to see if I needed anything. Drew is a wealth of knowledge, has a high level of integrity, and can be counted on to deliver a quality and effortless real estate transaction. Thanks, Drew!

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