Easy Ways to Increase Your Curb Appeal

Easy Ways to Increase Your Curb Appeal

  • Drew Auker
  • 06/26/18
There are plenty of inexpensive and small home improvements you can complete to enhance your home for sale’s curb appeal. This can draw in more possible buyers and as a result, make your home sell faster, and potentially even raise the value of your home. Take a look at the current state of your home from the perspective of a buyer and make note of what changes you can make to enhance your home. The Auker Group is happy to provide suggestions for prioritizing the home improvements that increase your curb appeal the most.

Act Like a Potential Buyer

Before you make your list of home improvements, walk through your own home with a pen and paper as if you were going to buy the place. Make note of things you don’t like, and things that can be repaired, replaced or cleaned. Take these notes and compile your home improvement list.

Paint, Paint, Paint

An easy way to increase your curb appeal is by adding a new layer of paint to your front door, shutters or trim. This will enhance the color, revive your house and increase the brightness. You can even paint your front door a bold color to help your house stand out. Make sure the color you choose matches the colors on the rest of the outside of the house. Applying a fresh coat of paint over your shutters and trim can enhance your house without doing a complete repainting of the outside. Your exterior bucket of paint plus supplies will only cost you about $30 and provide you with so much more curb appeal.
Although this next tip won’t increase your curb appeal, it will increase your interior appeal. If you have mismatched colored walls throughout your house, it might be wise to paint the interior a nice neutral tone. This will attract more buyers who view the photos of your home on the internet. It also makes your home more move-in ready.

Install a New Mailbox

Whether your mailbox is attached to the front of your home or it’s next to the curb, a new mailbox can make all the difference. This simple home improvement will cost you $20 or more. Make sure you follow the USPS mailbox guidelines. Installing a new mailbox will take you an hour or two to complete and make a big difference in your curb appeal.

Install New House Numbers

Over time, it’s normal for house numbers to fade away; this isn’t good for curb appeal. With a quick trip to your local home improvement store, you can pick up some brand new house numbers without breaking the bank. Go home and install these new house numbers for an easy way to spruce up the outside of your house.

Add Some New Plants

By planting a new tree, cleaning up your yard or adding in some other plants, this can increase your curb appeal. This is especially a good idea in San Diego to include some drought-tolerant vegetation or fruit trees, especially avocado trees! By simply cleaning up your yard and adding a little love, your home will be even more desirable to buyers.

Replace Exterior Lighting

Many sellers forget that buyers might drive by their home at any given moment, including night time. This is why it’s important to have bright and tasteful lighting fixtures on the outside of your house. If a potential buyer drives by well into the night and your home is pitch black, this might be a turn-off. You can opt for solar-powered lights for low maintenance to help brighten up your home at night. Make sure the new lighting fixtures look great during the daytime and produce an adequate amount of light during the night time to best increase curb appeal.

Install Some Flower Boxes

If your house lacks color on the outside, adding in some flower boxes is an easy way to boost the color. Install flower boxes anywhere near the front door, windows or porch for best results. This creates a more inviting entrance. If you don’t feel crafty enough to build and install a flower box, adding some flower pots near the entrance works just as well. Also, remember to maintain these new flowers after you plant them.

Get a Second Opinion

Once you have made all the changes you see fit to your home, have some of your friends and family come by to act like potential buyers. Give them a notepad and have them walk through your home as if they were going to buy it. Have them make note of things they would change to increase your curb appeal. Once they are done, consider all of their changes, and improve upon the ones that make the most sense.

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is a budget-friendly way to increase your curb appeal, and for some, it can be fun to do! Take a pressure washer to the outside of your house. You can wash away dirt and caked-on grime, your oil-stained driveway, sidewalks, or any other parts of your home that could use a wash.

Take Appealing Photos

About 88% of homebuyers begin their search online. This is why it’s so important to have professional photos of your house taken to be posted on the MLS. The first impression potential buyers will get from your house is from online photos. Take these photos after you have made your curb appeal home improvements. Step one: hire a professional photographer. Next, step two: make sure the lighting is bright. Step three: make sure your home is clean, there is no clutter and your home looks as appealing as possible. These photos are probably your most essential marketing piece in the sale of your home.

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