Tips for Moving in San Diego With Pets

Tips for Moving in San Diego With Pets

  • Drew Auker
  • 03/20/19

We all know how stressful moving can be…imagine how it feels for your furry friends! Here are some ways you can make your pets feel comfortable in their new home!

Moving in San Diego

Lucky for us, the weather in San Diego is quite enjoyable. Moving in San Diego any time of the year has a low chance of being impacted by weather, and you won’t have to worry about moving your belongings uphill through snow.

You will need to be worried about the heat, though. Car temperatures can rapidly increase when the windows are closed. If you absolutely must leave your pet in the car, make sure it’s not for long, that they have plenty of water, and that the windows are not shut.

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Talk to Your Vet

Don’t forget to transfer your animal records. When moving in San Diego, reach out to your current vet and gather important pet records. If your furry friend has a microchip, it’s important to get that information updated as well.

Some little (and big) pets are easier to move than others. Fish, guinea pigs, and birds can be sensitive adapting to a new environment. Talk to your vet when moving in San Diego about what special precautions you need to take for your pet.

Create a Space for Your Pet While Moving

If you can’t move all your belongings before moving your furry friend, create a low-stress environment where they can relax while you do the heavy lifting. This can be a designated space away from loud noises with items they are familiar with.

Ideally, this space will have a door that can be shut so that your cherished pet cannot sneak out while you are unpacking boxes. While it is true that your pet has a knack for returning home, in unexplored territory you don’t want to risk them getting lost. Until they’re familiar with the neighborhood, keep them on a leash or in the house.

Pack An Overnight Bag​​​​​​​

Pack a bag that is easily accessible with all your essentials when moving in San Diego. This bag should have smaller portion of medicine, food, and whatever special treats your pet prefers. When you need to grab something for your pet, you’ll be happy that you took this extra step. No one likes digging through boxes in the middle of the night!

Pet Proofed Home​​​​​​​

When moving in San Diego, it’s easy to forget about hazards like loose cords, unsecured window screens, and medicines, so take precautions during your move to protect your pet. This is also a great time to sweep the house for any pest-control repellents.

If the previous owners have left plants in the home, be sure they are safe for your pet. There are many common house plants that can be bad news for your pets. Don’t forget to check the landscaping around the house as well. Lily, aloe plants, and birds-of-paradise are not safe for dogs and cats.

Auker Group​​​​​​​

Now that you know a bit more about moving in San Diego with pets, we hope you’ll reach out to us with any questions you may have. You can reach us at 619-814-3449 or use our contact form. Talk to you soon!

–Auker Group

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