Things To Do Differently After Moving To San Diego

  • Drew Auker
  • 03/20/20

You’ve finally closed escrow, and the moving truck has pulled away from the driveway. What things can you do differently after moving to San Diego?

What To Do Differently After Moving to San Diego

Think back to all the memories you had in your old home. Take all those wonderful ones with you when moving to San Diego and leave the bad ones behind. Use this time to create new habits in your new home to make it your sanctuary!

Cut the Cord

Moving to San Diego is a great time to “cut the cord” and consolidate any media plans you have. From Netflix to Pandora, evaluate which services you use the most and which are redundant.

If you find yourself almost exclusively using Hulu, maybe it’s time to reduce your cable bill to internet service only. You may also find you are paying for services you don’t use anymore.

This is also true for any other subscription services, such as magazines or other subscription boxes that you have been meaning to get rid of.

Unpack Every Box

We all know how tiring moving can get. It can be difficult to keep yourself motivated until every last box is unpacked, but try to keep that moving spirit alive!

Ideally, you Marie Kondo-ed your home before moving to San Diego, but if not, this is the time to do it. Make a donation pile as you unpack to make the workload feel lighter. Visually, this may feel a bit messy, but rest easy knowing you’ll have less to put away.

Create New Habits

Have you always wanted to take steps to being more eco-friendly (more consistent recycling, switching to all energy-efficient lighting)? Or perhaps you want to implement a cleaning schedule?

Right after moving to San Diego is a great time to start forming those habits in your new home. Keep yourself motivated by starting these new habits from day one if possible. Many people will stick to new habits if they start right after they move. “They” say it takes three weeks to establish a new habit!

Many people will stick to new habits if they start right after they move. “They” say it takes three weeks to establish a new habit!

Keep Records

When moving to San Diego, it’s time to start a new record of maintenance and home improvement projects. Keep track of receipts for repairs and of the types of finishes you’ve selected for your new home.

These will come in handy for budgeting purposes and any future upgrades that you plan to make on your home. When it comes time to sell, you’ll be able to reference what date you replaced the roof, or upgraded the air conditioning.  

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